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Check out some of our products at Bella Vita Salon and Day Spa, 321 S. Main St. Algonquin, IL. They are now carrying some of our soaps, balms, cherry pit soothers, eye pillows, soap savers and more. 


At Divine Designs, my goal is to give you a quality soap that you can rave about, enjoy and start your day off right. I know that certain oils and butters might contain allergens for some people. I do use certain nut butters and oils in some of my soaps. This is especially important for people who are allergic to nut and milk products. Some of the products I use are sweet almond oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, coconut milk, buttermilk and goat's milk.

As I progess with the website, I will be adding the ingredients to each soap so you can see exactly which ones have those items in them before purchasing. In the meantime, if you have ANY questions, please use the contact us form and ask away. The last thing I would want is someone to buy a bar and not be able to use it.

The colorants that I use are all skin safe, however, the brighter colors may "bleed". I always suggest if you buy one of the soaps with lots of color, always use an old washcloth to see if the color bleeds as they may stain. They are NOT harmful to your skin, but I don't want your beautiful new white washcloths to be every color of the rainbow. The colorants used are usually micas.

A word about titanium dioxide....I have had some people ask if I use this product. Yes, I some soaps. People have questioned about it being safe to use as there has been some rumblings about it possibly being a carcinogenic. The titanuium dioxide used in soaps is safe. The titanium dioxide that is used in sunscreens is what has come under fire and in question. See article for further information....

Fragrance oils.....I buy my fragrance oils from a soap manufacturer. I never buy from Ebay, Amazon or any of other websites as I want to make sure that these are reputable companies that only deal with fragrances used for candles, soaps and have been throughly tested in cold process soap. Why are some of my bars of soap brown? Some fragrance oils have vanilla in them. The higher the vanilla content, the darker the soap will turn. They do make a vanilla stabilizer that can be added to counteract the darkening of the soap but after reading the ingredients, I did not want that added to my soap. The brown can range from a light tan to a deep chocolate brown. There is nothing wrong with the soap. It is the decision I made to ensure my belief in using less chemicals in my finished product.

Use of phthalates in fragrance oils. The majority of my fragrances that I use are phthlate free. I select my fragrances very carefully and if they contain phthlates, I will avoid them at all costs. 

Essential Oils, what a sticky subject. Do I support DoTerra, Young Living etc? I do not purchase essential oils from those companies. I do not know enough about their products or their claims on their products to give an opinon either way. I prefer to stick with my supplier whom I have bought from since I started soapmaking and believe that their oils are some of the highest quality out there.